Are you tired of plain shirts or any other boring garments?

Are you looking for a cool, stylish and trendy look? Then don’t be afraid to sport this fashionable clothing. Who says scarves are just for the winter? Nowadays, scarves are always a "must-have" item to add more style to your looks. You can use different ways to style it up or down. If you’re feeling cold or would like to rock the latest runway trends then take a look at these 2 ways on how to wear a scarf as a shirt.


1- The Simple Knot. 

Fold in the center and then wrap around and tie it up in the back. It is easy to style it. Furthermore, you use some fashion tapes to secure it in place.


2- The Neck Shirt

This scarf style looks elegant. How to do it? Start by folding the scarf in the center and unifying the tips. (Creating a triangle-like shape) Holding up the ends, you are going to make a knot and tie it around your neck. After, let hang loose the scarf from your neck and then tied around the back the other two ends of the triangle. Tada!



There are a lot of creative ways to wear a scarf. And, if you have already been following us for a while, you know that we love fresh ideas. You do not need to limit yourself; there are at least ten ways to wear a scarf.

So go out there, get creative!

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