Nowadays, consumers behavior and demand towards gender fluid clothing is increasing.

There is a shift into being more fluid and consumers are being able to discover and express more their gender. Brands and retails are making and effort to support this movement and create inclusion.

Being “gender fluid” means not having a fixed gender you identify with, and what does that mean for fashion a retails? This means, nowadays consumers are more willing to shop freely en either category “men” or “woman”.  Or like they say: “In both sides of the store.”

And this shift is not only happening with consumers who identify as “Gender Fluid” or part of the LGBT community; it is also happening with cis-gender consumers. 56% of Gen-Z Shoppers, shop outside their assigned gender. 

Taking all this factors into account it is important for brands to implement a shift in how they design collections, do business and brand their products. 

However, how can brands implement a change to be more inclusive?

They should create gender fluid spaces, neutralize full spaces instead of having category zones. This will make the consumer feel more free to walk around, a buy whatever they like and express themselves without feeling the restrained of traditional female/male genders. Neutralizing gendered costs, Pink Tax has been placing woman products and services in luxury and exploiting uneducated costumers.

The price neutralization of the Pink Tax would not only eliminate gender stereotypes, but also create more equity.

When it comes to branding, inclusion and representation of all should be seen, the visual language should be neutralize and the gendered aesthetics rewritten. A new identity should be created, opposed to choosing neutral colors and deciding that’s “ Unisex”, genderless should mean all included in all possible ways.

 Whether we like it or not, understand it or not, the future is genderless. We often forget, colors, scents or cloths, do not actually have a gender,  is a social norm construct, that has been passed on generations. Pink its just a color, and lavender it’s just a flower, in reality there is no gender to inanimate things. In truth, everything can become whatever we want it to be. So why restrict ourselves  to something that was shaped by our ancestors years ago.  Now we can reshaped the way we want things to be, and be able to express ourselves in whichever way we like. 

What do you think? Is the future of fashion genderless?


-Alesia Designs Team

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