About Us

"Alesia is a brand created and illustrated by artist Alesia Nava." 

Alesia is a sustainable, unique, and high-quality fashion brand that features silk scarves and accessories at economical prices. Our 100% silk  products embody elegance  and showcase hand-illustrated designs inspired by nature. Artist and SCAD graduate, Alesia Nava, created the brand.


Our mission:

We want our consumers to enjoy original, durable, and versatile pieces. Alesia values eco-friendly practices and materials. Silk reduces waste and results in durable pieces that can replace expensive, single-use items. We believe in supporting artistic integrity and oppose copying or devaluating other designers’ work. Our goal is to always uphold these principles while offering economical prices to our customers.


Our creative vision:

Alesia blends traditional luxury pieces with an illustrative narrative that is visually unique. The result it that every item is not only an elegant accessory, but also a true piece of art.



 About the Artist

Alesia Nava is an Illustrator and Print Designer with a concentration in Animated and Design Publication. She was born in Venezuela and later on in her teenage years moved to Miami, Florida. She graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with a B.F.A in illustration and minor in painting. Moving to New York after college, Alesia did an internship at Prabal Gurung as a Print Designer and CAD artwork for fabrics. She created graphic shirts, flower prints and embroidery for their Spring 2019 collection. Those prints where displayed at the runway in the New York Fashion week. As a freelancer Alesia has worked with various brands: Bajo EL Mar, Lobo Rosa, Euguenia Kim, A.A Antonio Azzuolo, Brandon Maxwell, The Skimm, InCasa, among other brands.
Currently Alesia Nava, has created her own brand and is always open to collaborate and work with others. She is also the co-host of a podcast called Fuera D base.